Waggy Love Group

The Beginning

On an evening in early 2012, Melvin received a Facebook call for help after a group of 13 dogs were abandoned in cages on a hill in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur. Upon reaching the location, he was shocked to find out that they were actually ageing Pekingese-like dogs in state of shock and very poor condition - serious cataract issues, deformed paws from lack of walks, and bulging nipples from over-breeding. He immediately contacted rescue group/shelter to request for space to host the rescued dogs for the night and volunteers to assist in the mobilisation.

The apparent cost of the whole rescue from transportation to medical check-up and the subsequent medical fees for the group parvovirus infection had left every participant in the rescue exercise with serious burn in pockets and ongoing pleads for donations to get ever-occuring issues addressed. Melvin thought that there may just be another way to keep the funding available whenever any shelters and individuals involved in rescues needed them.

The Forming of A Company

Believing in a more sustainable solution to support these selfless individuals and organisations to continue to make a difference to the animals in their respective communities, Melvin believes that harnessing entrepreneurial values to drive business profits which eventually be channeled back to the cause may just be the way out of the challenging environment of keeping donations coming.

Finally, by mid 2012, Waggy Love Group (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was formed to experiment with the concept of building a venture to drive revenue and profits that in turn, providing allocation to solve a more serious problem of ever growing stray population in the community - the root of why there are more pet shelters and rescue individuals but limited funds to go around.

With the first venture, Waggymeal.com, a pet supplies e-commerce business that offers over 70 brands and delivering them to the whole of Malaysia, Waggy Love Group (WLG) has successfully build a strong following of customers (and continue to grow) that have lend their hand to the successful allocation of spaying and neutering funds among 7 animal shelters in Klang Valley, Johor and Penang.

Moving Forward and Upward

Today, WLG continues to strive to add more value to the stakeholders in the pets industry through various tech powered platforms and applications, as well as empowering more pet owners to do their part to help the animals in need in their communities while providing for their own pets with much treasured convenience in a click or a tap of a finger.





An idea was born to create a company that will generate sustainable funding to animal rescue and shelters through pets related business. Hence Waggy Love Group was registered as a Malaysian company in July 2012.




Waggymeal.com is officially live and delivered our first order to pet owners who care to be part of a movement.




After utilising 2 houses’ space to keep stocks for delivery to customers, Waggy Love Group finally moves in to a 2-level office space in Southgate Commercial Centre.




Waggy Love Group launched Kucinglah.com to serve primarily BM speaking cat owners in the country.

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